Regarding the issue fo this forgery MIAP has requested assis- ten tu MUI yo praticipate to give attention that intellectual property rights need to be protected to protect Indonesian consumers

Costumers are protected so that comsumers get the rights benefit as they buy genuine products and avoid dangerous risks that should not happen to the health of consumers when buying counterfeit products. when consumers are given the notion that forgery will harm their health, more positive and supportive this Fatwa.

Islam always invited Muslims to runs busniness honestly and integrity, by doing business honestly, then consumers safety becomes the main consideration in every business activity.

The purpose of this Fatwa is to assist the enforcement of laws and regulation of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) with the consideration that the majority of the Indonesia population is Muslim

This Fatwa will be more effective if the community is taught that the inportance of protection against intellectual propety rights as described in the Quran and the need for IPR protection for the safety of consumers, because the violation of intel- lectual property rights does not consider the health and safety of others wich is also clearly stated in the Quran.

MIAP hopes that Fatwa can become one aspect of legal identity in Indonesia that can help law enforcement and regulation on IPR, especially law of demand (no.29,30,31,32 Th 2000. NO.14,15 Th.2001 and No.19 Th.2002).

  • Violation of trademarks, patent, copyright have reached the point where the violate the public interest in health and safety.
  • The violation also demages the reputation of the trademark owner, patent and copyright.
  • This violation also has direct and indirect consequences for national interest in terms of labor and taxes.